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Linux in a Nutshell

This directory of Linux commands is from Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition.

Click on any of the 687 commands below to get a description and list of available options. All links in the command summaries point to the online version of the book on Safari Bookshelf.

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c++filt [options] [symbol]

Decode the specified C++ or Java function name symbol, or read and decode symbols from standard input if no symbol is given. This command reverses the name mangling used by C++ and Java compilers to support function overloading, multiple functions that share the same name.


-_ , --strip-underscores

Remove initial underscores from symbol names.


Print usage information, then exit.

-j, --java

Print names using Java syntax.

-n, --no-strip-underscores

Preserve initial underscores on symbol names.

-s format, --format=format

Expect symbols to have been coded in the specified format. Format may be one of the following:


C++ Annotated Reference Manual.


EDG (Intel) compiler.


Gnu compiler (the default).


Gnu compiler with the new application binary interface (for gcc 3.x.)


HP compiler.


Lucid compiler.


Print version number, then exit.

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