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Linux in a Nutshell

This directory of Linux commands is from Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition.

Click on any of the 687 commands below to get a description and list of available options. All links in the command summaries point to the online version of the book on Safari Bookshelf.

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setleds [options]

Display or change the LED flag settings (Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock) for the current virtual terminal. With no options, display the current settings for all three flags. Can be used in a startup script to set the initial state of the LEDs.


+num, -num

Set or clear Num Lock.

+caps, -caps

Set or clear Caps Lock

+scroll, -scroll

Set or clear Scroll Lock.


Change both the current and the default settings. Useful for always having NumLock set, for example.


Only change the flags (and their settings may be reflected by the keyboard LEDs). The default behavior.


Change the LEDs but not the flags, so the leds no longer reflect the virtual terminal (VT) flags. Run setleds -L with no other options to restore the default behavior.


Report the settings before and after the change.

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