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SMP UML, OpenSSL, Systrace Policies, and Apache Configuration

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 03/03/2003

Good afternoon, from your editor's horribly biased west coast USA perspective. Welcome to another edition of the Linux newsletter.

If you hurry, you can be one of the first people to read Jerry Cooperstein's new article, Testing SMP Kernel Modules with UML. Not only does User Mode Linux let you run an instance of Linux under a running instance, but you can also simulate a multiprocessor box with it.

In his latest Security Alerts column, Noel Davis explores a timing-based attack against OpenSSL. Other vulnerabilities include Oracle, mod_php 4.3, pam_xauth, VNC, and Nethack and Rogue. Keep safe and check your systems.

Michael Lucas returns to systrace with Creating Systrace Policies. Though there are repositories of useful policies, some applications and circumstances require you to create your own. By the way, the program is now portable to even more Unixy operating systems. It's downright nifty.

Finally, Peter Laurie, fresh from updating the third edition of Apache: The Definitive Guide, offers a guided tour of an Apache configuration file. Though the file is extensively commented, it's helpful to have a guru perspective to explain the less obvious nooks and crannies. Read more in Creating an Apache Site with Public and Secure Access.

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At the risk of feeling silly, your editor would like to point out a followup to his previous weblog. Free, free, and 'Free': the BSDs Certainly Are offers an explanation and an apology for any confusion caused by a poorly stated (and half-baked) sentence.

That's it for today. Here's to a wonderful March!

All the best,

Technical Editor
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  3. SimPy: Simulating Systems in Python
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  5. OpenSSL Timing Attack
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