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HA-OSCAR: Five Steps to a High-Availability Linux Cluster
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Creating Virtual Network Interface for HA-OSCAR Primary Server

First select Detection channel configuration shown in Figure 10, and navigate into the corresponding screen shown in Figure 11. Initially, there should be three network interfaces: eth0, eth1, and lo, all created during OSCAR and HA-OSCAR installation. Add virtual network interfaces for eth0 and eth1 by clicking on the Add a new interface button in Figure 12. Sample screens (Figures 13 and 14) show how to add virtual network interfaces for eth0 and eth1.

the Monitoring Configuration screen
Figure 10. HA-OSCAR monitoring configuration screen

the Detection Channel Configuration screen
Figure 11. Detection channel configuration

Adding Virtual Network Interface

the Network Interface Screen
Figure 12. Network interface screen

creating an eth0 virtual network interface
Figure 13. Sample eth0 virtual network interface creation

creating an eth1 virtual network interface
Figure 14. Sample eth1 virtual network interface creation

Building Detection Channel Information

After you create the virtual network interfaces, the next step is to define the previously created network interfaces for HA-OSCAR (health) detection channels. Access the detection channel configuration from the HA-OSCAR Webmin screen shown in Figure 15. When you've made your selection, enter the network interface information in the form shown in Figure 15.

the Channel Configuration screen
Figure 15. Channel configuration selection

the Primary Server Channel Configuration
Figure 16. Primary server channel configuration screen

When you complete the channel setup and primary server configuration, make sure to click the Save button in Figure 17 and then click the Apply configuration button in Figure 18.

the Network and Monitoring Service
configuration screen
Figure 17. Network and monitoring service configuration screen

the Main Monitor configuration screen
Figure 18. Main monitor configuration screen

Optional Steps for Managing Services Configuration

HA-OSCAR provides a useful default set of monitoring policies. However, users can add new services and change monitoring parameters. We do recommend this option for advanced users.

the Monitor List task
Figure 19. Monitor list task

Return to the index page, and apply all of the configurations to HA-OSCAR.

the Process Server monitoring policy
Figure 19. Details of the "Process Server" monitoring policy

Make sure to apply the change to the new configuration.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4

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