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Sam Williams on "What Have You Done for Freedom Today?"

by Tara McGoldrick Walsh
Linux Newsletter for 07/29/2002

Dear Reader,

In back-to-back keynotes last week at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention Lawrence Lessig and Richard Stallman both challenged the open source community to get more involved in the political process. Though presented in each speaker's own unique style, the message was the same: "What have you done for freedom today?" Sam Williams reports on this call to action by two of the open source and free software movements most vocal advocates.
What Have You Done for Freedom Today?

Sam Williams also writes about comments Rob Glaser made at OSCON on his company's first tentative steps within the open source community.
Rob Glaser on Helix Licensing Plans

And if you ever wondered what a typical OSCON tutorial might cover, find out why in one seminar the credo was "eat right and get plenty of sleep for better code."
Unleashing the Better Programmer Within: OSCON Attendees Get Self-Critical

Our final OSCON report centers on the keynotes of bioinformatics gurus Ewan Birney and Jim Kent, both of whom delivered enthusiastic reports for the future of computer science.
I Hack the Body Electric

In other news, Joshua Drake, coauthor of "Practical PostgreSQL," talks about a Mac OS X distribution of PostgreSQL, XML support, LXP, and much more in his in-depth interview with O'Reilly editor, Jonathan Gennick.
An Interview with Joshua Drake

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And in this week's Big Scary Daemons column Michael Lucas relates his experiences installing OpenBSD 3.1.
Installing OpenBSD 3.1

Finally, Jacek Artymiak tackles automating the transfer of logs from the firewall to one of the workstations connected to the internal private network segment.
Archiving PF Firewall Logs

Thanks for reading,

Tara A. McGoldrick
Web Editor
O'Reilly Network

O'Reilly Network Linux Devcenter Top Five Articles Last Week

  1. An Interview with Joshua Drake: Coauthor of Practical PostgreSQL
    Joshua Drake, coauthor of Practical PostgreSQL, talks about a Mac OS X distribution of PostgreSQL, XML support, LXP, and much more in this in-depth interview with O'Reilly editor, Jonathan Gennick.

  2. Speeding up Linux Using hdparm
    Instantly double the I/O performance of your disks or, in some cases, show 6 to 10 times your existing throughput!

  3. Linux in Government
    Open source has flourished in places where users view software not as a political football but as a pragmatic tool. In this article, Sam Williams looks at the impact of open source software in government--both inside and outside the U.S.

  4. Creating Audio CDs With Linux
    A comprehensive "how to" by Dave Phillips that addresses both the musical and the technical sides of creating great audio CDs with Linux.

  5. Squid Trouble
    Noel Davis looks at buffer overflows in Squid, mod-ssl, the Solaris Volume Manager, ATPhttpd, iPlanet, and kcms_configure; and problems in the CDE ToolTalk Database Server, the Linux kernel, nn, Icecast, NcFTP, and Sharp's Zaurus handheld computer.

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