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Python for Bioinformatics, Multimedia, LDAP, and BGP

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 10/21/2002

Hello, welcome to the Linux Newsletter!

Bioinformatics is one of the hottest topics in computing these days, and Python one of the hottest languages. Why not combine them? In "Python for Bioinformatics," Patrick O'Brien explains the basic biology and Python you need to know to sequence genes. It takes a surprisingly small amount of code to be productive.

In the FreeBSD zone, the ever-popular Dru Lavigne concludes her multimedia series with "Playing Audio and Video Files with FreeBSD." Get the most out of your Internet experience with her expert guidelines.

AEleen Frisch introduces LDAP in part two of "Top Five Open Source Packages for System Administrators." Why is LDAP so popular and what does it do that NIS doesn't? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

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Finally, Iljitsch van Beijnum has provided another excerpt from his "BGP" book, entitled "Traffic Engineering: Local Routing Policy." This time, he explains how to influence route selection with BGP's local preference.

That's all for now. See you next week!

Technical/Open Source Editor
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O'Reilly Network Linux Devcenter Top Five Articles Last Week

  1. Gentoo Linux Reloaded
    Over the past year, Gentoo Linux has grown from a niche distribution into something of a phenomenon in the Linux world. In this article, Gentoo Linux chief architect Daniel Robbins explains what Gentoo Linux is all about, describing the good things found in Gentoo Linux 1.4.

  2. Free Frags with Cube: The Linux First-Person Shooter
    Will the availability of attractive and feature-packed game engines attract mod communities to Linux? Howard Wen thinks so. This article introduces Cube 3-D, a simple, elegant, and free first-person shooter engine.

  3. Speeding up Linux Using hdparm
    Instantly double the I/O performance of your disks or, in some cases, show 6 to 10 times your existing throughput!

  4. Roll Your Own Digital Video Recorder
    Video Disk Recorder, or VDR, is a user interface for building a digital satellite TV receiver and recorder box running under Linux. Though not yet available in the U.S., VDR is for people who like to program their set-top to do what they want, and not just what products like TiVo will let them do.

  5. Securing Linux: Why It's Worthwhile and Achievable
    Michael Bauer, author of Building Secure Servers with Linux, explains some of the reasons why it's both possible and worthwhile to secure Linux for use as an Internet server platform.

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