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Simple Search Engines, Webmail, Python Robots, and Communities

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 10/28/2002

Hello, welcome to the Linux Newsletter from

Our first story this week comes from Daniel Solin. He's written a deceptively simple article entitled "Building a Simple Search Engine with PHP." Besides being easy for a new PHP developer to understand, it's not difficult to extend his example code in wild and wonderful ways--perhaps even to index your favorite bookmarks.

Travel much? Unless you run a mail server on your laptop, love SSH dearly, or have a secure, authenticated SMTP connection, you've probably wrestled with remote email way too often. (If you haven't, you probably know someone who has.) The inimitable Glenn Graham describes the popular and powerful SquirrelMail package in "Webmail Made Easy."

Following in the footsteps of Guido van Rossum's plan to make programming easy enough for everyone, a Virginia high school has resurrected a classic Pascal project, rewriting it in Python. Students teaching themselves? Hey, it worked for us. Stephen Figgins explains more in "Python Escapes Classroom."

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Have you ever wondered why some Web sites, mailing lists, IRC channels, or newsgroups flourish while others flounder? It's probably not sunspots, no matter what your mother said. Your editor argues that the real secret is thinking in terms of communities. Read "Building Online Communities."

Finally, Noel Davis has yet another slew of vulnerabilities to report. This week's theme? Denials of Service

Just to whet your appetite, upcoming article topics include Subversion, Samba, the Linux 2.6 (or 3.0 kernel), and intrusion detection. Add to that the usual slew of Weblogs and other O'Reilly Network sites, and we're very proud of our work this week.

Until next time,

Technical/Open Source Editor
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O'Reilly Network Linux Devcenter Top Five Articles Last Week

  1. Gentoo Linux Reloaded
    Over the past year, Gentoo Linux has grown from a niche distribution into something of a phenomenon in the Linux world. In this article, Gentoo Linux chief architect Daniel Robbins explains what Gentoo Linux is all about, describing the good things found in Gentoo Linux 1.4.

  2. Speeding up Linux Using hdparm
    Instantly double the I/O performance of your disks or, in some cases, show 6 to 10 times your existing throughput!

  3. Free Frags with Cube: The Linux First-Person Shooter
    Will the availability of attractive and feature-packed game engines attract mod communities to Linux? Howard Wen thinks so. This article introduces Cube 3-D, a simple, elegant, and free first-person shooter engine.

  4. Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities
    Noel Davis looks at denial-of-service vulnerabilities in xinetd, syslog-ng, net-snmp, and Sun's lockd; problems with heartbeat, dvips, OpenOffice, and Cisco CatOS embedded HTTP server; and security vulnerabilities in kpf, gnome-gv, ggv, Mozilla, and PAM.

  5. Roll Your Own Digital Video Recorder
    Video Disk Recorder, or VDR, is a user interface for building a digital satellite TV receiver and recorder box running under Linux. Though not yet available in the U.S., VDR is for people who like to program their set-top to do what they want, and not just what products like TiVo will let them do.

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