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Security Week

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 11/18/2002

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another installment of the Linux newsletter. This week, we've focused on security.

Thirty years of Unix have seen many changes, writes Shelly Powers. The essential elegance and familiar old tools have remained. In her "Today's Unix: New All Over Again," the coauthor of "Unix Power Tools, 3rd Edition," explores the state of Unix. It's easier to use, thanks to the free software and the open source movement.

An essential tool in any system administrator's toolbox is the venerable SSH utility. Far more than just a replacement for telnet, it offers a wealth of configuration options--at the price of learning some new terms and concepts. But that's why we have Dru Lavigne. This week our FreeBSD Basics columnist explains "The SSH Cryptosystem." Installation's easy with her article as your guide.

It's good to secure your network on the inside, but you also must keep out the bad guys. Glenn Graham, who runs a small colo facility out of his "bomb shelter," is thrilled with a tripartite suite of intrusion detection systems from TriSentry. Interested in catching portscanners, monitoring suspicious login activity, and scanning logs for breaches? Try "TriSentry, a Unix Intrusion Detection System."

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Finally, Jacek Artymiak, our favorite security guru, reports from the TRUSTSECURE 2002 conference. What were the experts discussing this year? What will we be discussing next year? Favorite quote: "... one could almost see the lines of kernel code flying in the air...." Jacek also includes an interesting, if controversial idea for funding projects such as OpenBSD. Read more in "TRUSTSECURE 2002 Report".

That's all for this week. Upcoming articles include, but are not limited to, WebDAV, Falcon's Eye, independent gaming, and Linux in education.

Until next time,

Linux/Open Source/Technical Editor
O'Reilly Network

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