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A Cute RPG, sendmail Security, Government-Sponsored Hackers, and PHP Forms

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 03/17/2003

It's Monday afternoon again, and that means another Linux newsletter! (It's also St. Patrick's Day everywhere Irish, as well as the due date for at least one of your editor's other projects. If you're reading this, it means something went out on time.) Here's what happened in Linux last week:

Noel Davis started things off with another Security Alerts column. A nasty remote sendmail exploit leads the pack. As well, bind and several terminal emulator programs have vulnerabilities. Read more in Buffer overflows in sendmail.

There must be something about dungeon crawlers -- the wave of roguelike games continues to increase. Gaming writer Howard Wen examines Egoboo, a cute little dungeon RPG in the vein of Nintendo's Zelda series. Did he say cute? Read more in Egoboo: The Cute Way to Dungeon Role Play.

Governments occasionally fund open source projects. For example, Larry Wall worked on Perl at NASA's JPL for a while. The NSA offers a security-hardened Linux distribution. Sometimes there are stranger partnerships. Would you expect DARPA to work with the OpenBSD team? George Peter Staplin and Cameron Laird explore what both sides get out of this relationship in Hackers Meet Soldiers.

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John Coggeshall's latest PHP Foundations column tackles working with forms. It's easy to get started, but, unless you're careful, you could be at the mercy of anyone willing to push the limits of your coding. Fortunately, John explains how to be a little more paranoid. Read more in Working with Forms in PHP, Part 1.

That's it for now. Join us next week, when David HM Spector presents a modest proposal for improving the upgradeability of Linux distributions.

Until then,

Technical Editor
O'Reilly Network and Linux DevCenter Top Four Articles Last Week

  1. Hackers Meet Soldiers
    OpenBSD has a well-deserved reputation for fanatical security. Why is the U.S. military funding it? What do you get out of it? Cameron Laird and George Peter Staplin investigate.

  2. Using NFS for Networked Backups
    As mass storage prices continue to fall, making backups to a centralized server starts to look convenient. Of course, the mechanics of this situation can be tricky. Glenn Graham demonstrates a quick and easy solution using NFS.

  3. Egoboo: The Cute Way to Dungeon Role Play
    Dungeon crawls are as popular among the computer RPG crowd as first person shooters are among the action crowd. In the open source world, Egoboo is perhaps the cutest and most accessible RPG. Howard Wen examines the project, its history, and its future.

  4. NAT with pf
    OpenBSD's packet filter has really grown up. Since its introduction in OpenBSD 3.0, it has become an advanced tool for networking and security. In the first of four articles, Jacek Artymiak examines recent updates to pf. This week, he looks at Network Address Translation.

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