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Book Preview
Eclipse: A Java Developer's Guide

by Steve Holzner

The Eclipse project is moving towards a June release of Eclipse 3.0. The week of February 2-5, 2004, has been a big one for them: more than five hundred developers attended EclipseCon in Anaheim, California, and on the first day of the conference, the new Eclipse Foundation was announced. The press release describes this foundation as "an independent body that will drive the platform's evolution to benefit the providers of software development offerings and end users."

The book editors at O'Reilly have provided ONJava with a preview of the chapter "Building Eclipse Projects Using Ant" from Steve Holzner's forthcoming book Eclipse: A Java Developer's Guide. Note that this is a beta release; this chapter has not yet been fully edited, and the final version will not appear in this raw form. The images in the final version will also be of higher quality than those presented in this preview.

You can download this beta version of "Building Eclipse Projects Using Ant" as a PDF. The file size is a little under 1MB. -- Daniel Steinberg

Steve Holzner is the author of O'Reilly's upcoming Eclipse: A Java Developer's Guide.

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