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Maven Project Reporting and Publishing, Part 2

In last week's excerpt from Maven: A Developer's Notebook, you began to explore some of Maven's project reporting tools, learning about the reports for project membership, issue tracking, test results, code tracking, and overall project code quality.

This week's excerpt takes you further, by introducing tools to graphically track project activity and changes, and generate user-readable changelogs. You'll also learn how to publish your Maven artifacts (JARs, WARs, EARs, etc.), automate your project announcements, report project releases, and publish a project website.

As with all books in the Developer's Notebook series, you'll get the information in a straightforward, factual style, with the details you need to get the job done. In other words: "All lab, no lecture."

Download part two of Chapter 4 from Maven: A Developer's Notebook (PDF, 358KB).

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