Jonathan Oxer

Jonathan Oxer is the founder and technical director of Internet Vision Technologies in Australia, as well as the past president of Linux Australia, the national organization for Linux users, developers, and vendors.

Ubuntu Hacks Ubuntu Hacks
by Kyle Rankin , Jonathan Oxer , Bill Childers
June 2006
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

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Walktime Blog #27: Electronics design as an online team sport

November 12 2012

Electronics design has traditionally been a solo activity. Some high-end packages have a degree of collaboration using shared libraries and synchronisation tools, but Upverter is the first project I've seen that allows real-time online collaboration. Multiple engineers can be working in the same project simultaneously, and the project updates live… read more

SuperHouse Ep 4: Making home automation gear run quietly

November 10 2012

I put up SuperHouse episode 4 a while ago, and forgot to blog about it! Slack. Anyway, it's up now so please check it out! I have another 2 episodes partly filmed, and work done for a couple more after that so hopefully they'll begin coming through more regularly. read more

Walktime Blog #26: The Big Red Button

November 10 2012

When IVT started using Scrum as a development methodology I wanted to put the power to approve or reject software releases into the hands of the product manager. Combining an Arduino-compatible board from Freetronics, a WiFi shield, the JIRA issue tracker, the Git source code management system, a custom web… read more