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James Governor is Principal Analyst and founder of RedMonk. He leads coverage in the enterprise applications space, assisting clients with application development, integration middleware and systems management issues, as they relate to operational and business process optimization.

Before RedMonk he spent three years at Illuminata, Inc., where he led both the Application Strategies and Enterprise Management practices at the firm. He worked with both vendor clients, to establish product development and marketing strategies, and as an advisor on IT strategy to user organizations and service providers. James managed other analysts at the firm to ensure timely delivery of reports and custom research projects.

He joined Illuminata from InformationWeek UK, where he was deputy managing editor.

Before InformationWeek he worked at Computing, the UK's leading enterprise title. As a reporter he specialized in systems management, application middleware, and legacy operating environments, working closely with IT managers and vendors to identify and break exclusive news stories.

James has been an IBM and Microsoft corporate watcher for 8 years. He's regularly quoted in US and European press, and has served as an industry expert for television and radio segments with media outlets like the BBC.

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by James Governor , Dion Hinchcliffe , Duane Nickull
May 2009
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SAP Goes All in for User Experience and Design

November 16 2012

Tweet I flew down to Madrid yesterday to check out what’s happening in the SAP ecosystem. There are a ton of angles to consider in looking at the company’s comeback, but one of the most obvious is the growing influence of SAP’s Research Labs in Palo Alto. SAP’s future is in… read more

Apprenda: an alternative PaaS for .NET

November 14 2012

Tweet We just signed up Apprenda as a client. It’s an interesting firm – a classic Microsoft/partner/competitor infrastructure company. As Citrix is to Microsoft Terminal Services, or VMware is to Microsoft Virtual Server, so Apprenda wants to be to Azure. The firm sees PaaS as the new Application Server rather… read more

Gonzo Video: Forklift Ready Infrastructure, Database Market Opens, Show Me the Money

October 02 2012

Tweet I hope you have been enjoying the Opinionated Infrastructure series over the last week or so – I have been exploring what’s going on in the world of big data and integrated systems in a video series sponsored by IBM. The first few shows came out well, but my… read more

Opinionated Infrastructure: What is it and What does Square’s Acquisition can tell us about Systems Design?

October 02 2012

Tweet I have been working on a video and blog series recently, sponsored by IBM, about the idea of Opinionated Infrastructure, where user experience is improved by simplifying things, and driving opinions into the architectural design. In one of the videos I discuss Twitter to help people understand the role… read more

Opinionated Infrastructure, Convention over Configuration, Rails, IoS and Systems Design

September 28 2012

Tweet If you want to make video people will share you have to try and keep things short and sweet, which is why me and my video guy Benny Crime decided to turn one long take into a few shorter ones. Over the last few days I have been on… read more

On Craft Beer and Systems Design: startup culture and how to scale

September 28 2012

Tweet As you know, we at RedMonk like craft beer. Next week Stephen is running our second Monktoberfest, where craft beer meets craft tech, in Portland Maine. I will run the sister conference Monki Gras in London on January 31st. There are clear parallels between the craft beer movement and… read more

How To Not Define Big Data

September 27 2012

Tweet What is Big Data? Great question. In this video i try not to answer it. Something to do with lower cost of memory, open source, cloud, and tooling adopted from the web, maybe? Hadoop is coming, and so is a huge wave of data driven innovation. Dedicated, specialised hardware… read more

Opinionated Infrastructure: Episode One – The Set Up

September 27 2012

Tweet   I have written a fair bit over the years about the need for IBM to simplify its products. Its an ongoing theme with me. Achieving product simplicity will require a major cultural shift however, for an organisation that celebrates its ability to deal with complex problems with complex… read more

Dreamforce 12 – Crazy Big, with Lower Barriers

September 21 2012

Tweet Dreamforce is a big event. Crazy big. Nearly 90,000 people came to San Francisco this week for the annual celebration of all things salesforce.com. The city shut down Howard Street between the north and south sides of the Moscone Center so that the company could pack in even more… read more

Developers The New Kingmakers: 2 chances to see me talk next week

September 14 2012

Tweet   If you have been watching RedMonk for any length of time you’ll know that we finally found a quick shorthand name for our core thesis – that bottom up usage led by practitioners is the most powerful force in IT adoption today. New Kingmakers is the theme. As… read more

Webcast: Grid 2.0
February 19, 2009
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes. Cost: Free With the coming energy crunch set to dwarf the credit crunch Smart Grids are quickly becoming a really hot topic--why is that? Just how do Smart Grids help solve energy issues and what can we do with...

James Governor