Kevin Dooley
Kevin Dooley has been designing and implementing networks as an independent consultant for more than ten years. He's built large scale Local and Wide Area Networks for several of Canada's largest companies. Kevin holds a PhD in physics from the University of Toronto and is the author of "Designing Large-Scale LANs" (O'Reilly).

Cisco IOS Cookbook Cisco IOS Cookbook
by Kevin Dooley , Ian J. Brown
Second Edition December 2006
Print: $59.99
Ebook: $47.99

Cisco Cookbook Cisco Cookbook
by Kevin Dooley , Ian J. Brown
July 2003
Ebook: $43.99

Designing Large Scale Lans Designing Large Scale Lans
by Kevin Dooley
November 2001
Print: $54.99
Ebook: $43.99