Lego Mindstorms

A series of articles about the Lego MindStorms Robotics Invention System and RCX and related programming.
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Mindstorms in Education
Legos Mindstorms are a cheap, effective, and fun way to teach mechanical engineering and software programming in the classroom.  Aug. 4, 2000

The Straight and Narrow
Would your robots fail a sobriety test? Here is how to keep them on the line.  May. 23, 2000

Tools to Save Your MindStorm Models
How do you model and record Lego MindStorms robots? Mar. 29, 2000

Lego MindStorms: Programming with NQC
Do more with your Lego MindStorms robots using an alternative programming language -- Not Quite C. Feb. 25, 2000

Lego MindStorms: An Introduction
How to build your own robot.  Jan. 31, 2000

Lego MindStorms: RCX Programming
In Part Two of this introduction, Jonathan Knudsen looks at the programming interface and scripting options for MindStorms. Jan. 31, 2000

Lego MindStorms: Lego and MIT
In Part Three of this introduction, Jonathatn Knudsen looks at the connection between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Lego's research dollars.  Jan. 31, 2000

Lego MindStorms: Lego Glasnost
In Part Four of this introduction, Jonathan Knudsen tells how Lego came to grips with its evolution from a plastic bricks company to one that also deals with a consumer base of programmers. Jan. 31, 2000