Lego Mindstorms

Our column about Lego Mindstorms robots and associated programming languages.

Mindstorms in Education
by Jonathan Knudsen
Legos Mindstorms are a cheap, effective, and fun way to teach mechanical engineering and software programming in the classroom.  [08/04/2000]

The Straight and Narrow
by Jonathan Knudsen
Would your robots fail a sobriety test? Here is how to keep them on the line.  [05/23/2000]

Tools to Save Your MindStorm Models
by Jonathan Knudsen
How do you model and record Lego MindStorms robots? [03/29/2000]

Lego MindStorms: Programming with NQC
by Jonathan Knudsen
Do more with your Lego MindStorms robots using an alternative programming language -- Not Quite C. [02/25/2000]

Lego MindStorms: Lego Glasnost
by Jonathan Knudsen
In Part Four of this introduction, Jonathan Knudsen tells how Lego came to grips with its evolution from a plastic bricks company to one that also deals with a consumer base of programmers. [01/31/2000]

Lego MindStorms: Lego and MIT
by Jonathan Knudsen
In Part Three of this introduction, Jonathatn Knudsen looks at the connection between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Lego's research dollars.  [01/31/2000]

Lego MindStorms: RCX Programming
by Jonathan Knudsen
In Part Two of this introduction, Jonathan Knudsen looks at the programming interface and scripting options for MindStorms. [01/31/2000]

Lego MindStorms: An Introduction
by Jonathan Knudsen
How to build your own robot.  [01/31/2000]