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Linux Interviews

Through Project Looking Glass with Hideya Kawahara
by John Littler
3D has taken over video gaming. When will it take over mundane computing areas such as file managers, word processors, and desktop environments? Maybe soon, if Hideya Kawahara and the Project Looking Glass team have their way. John Littler explores the ideas, implementations, and possibilities of 3D interfaces in this interview. [12/08/2005]

Freedom, Innovation, and Convenience: The RMS Interview
by Federico Biancuzzi
Since 1984, Richard M. Stallman has fought for software freedom as a coder, a project leader, and a philosopher. The GNU GPL and GNU/Linux projects are just two results of that work. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed rms about his views on freedom, the GNU project, and the Linux kernel and GNU/Linux distributions. [12/22/2004]

Scribus: Open Source Desktop Publishing
by Howard Wen
Desktop publishing came of age in the '80s, but open source options concentrated mostly on TeX and LaTeX. For users who want a friendlier interface, Scribus aims squarely at PageMaker and QuarkXPress. Howard Wen explores the features of Scribus and talks to its developers. [09/02/2004]

Stratagus: Open Source Strategy Games
by Howard Wen
When would an expression of appreciation land you in legal trouble? When you try to appreciate Blizzard software's strategy games! Fortunately, the legally threatened FreeCraft has taken on new life with a new name: Stratagus. Howard Wen explores how this customizable RTS engine may spur the development of new open source strategy games. [07/15/2004]

Keeping the Myths Alive
by Howard Wen
Bungie has some rabid fans. Though they've moved on from their Myth series, devoted fans lobbied the company for the right to create enhancements and bugfixes -- winning 80GB of source code. Howard Wen explores what the MythDevelopers have achieved and what they plan. [06/10/2004]

Inside the Homebrew Atari 2600 Scene
by Howard Wen
Despite console-company protestations to the contrary, emulators aren't only tools for copyright infringers. If it weren't for emulators, would the Atari 2600 homebrew scene be where it is today? "Wait, there's an Atari 2600 homebrew scene?" you ask. As Howard Wen explains, it exists, and new-school programmers are making some impressive games in the old-school style. [05/20/2004]

CinePaint: The GIMP Goes Hollywood
by Howard Wen
As movie effects studios adopt open source, expect them to adapt existing projects in new ways. That's the lesson of CinePaint, a project that's risen from the ashes of FilmGIMP. Howard Wen explores the goals and development of the program and interviews two of its lead developers. [04/29/2004]

Linux on the GameCube
by Howard Wen
As consoles grow in power and digital convergence looms, they become ever more attractive targets for free operating systems. What better hack than to port Linux or BSD to the GameCube? Howard Wen interviews the developers behind GameCube Linux. [04/01/2004]

Inside Warp Pipe
by Howard Wen
GameCube afficionados may know of Warp Pipe, a project to allow LAN games to work over the Internet. The already-controversial project experienced another shakeup when the developers announced that all new releases would be closed source. Howard Wen recently talked to them about their experiences reverse-engineering the protocol, developing the software, and closing an open project. [03/04/2004]

Inside Scorched 3D
by Howard Wen
Ex-DOS gamers likely remember the classic tank game Scorched Earth, with its VGA graphics, clever weapons, and good-enough ballistics. Scorched 3D is its spiritual successor, taking the 2D, one-computer battles to the next level. Howard Wen explores the game. [02/12/2004]

Open Source in Government: Newport News, Va.
by Tom Adelstein
Open source software is often attractive to local governments due to cost savings, stability, security, and open access. Migration is still tricky though. Andy Stein, CIO of Newport News, Va., is tackling the problems of adopting open source. In this interview with Tom Adelstein, Andy explains why local governments should form an alliance to share their knowledge and their code. [01/15/2004]

Porting Linux to the iPod
by Howard Wen
A new piece of unknown hardware is a challenge; what can it do? To Bernard Leach, Apple's iPod was just waiting for a Linux port. Thanks to his work, you can play music on an iPod running Linux. Howard Wen recently interviewed Leach on the goals and process of porting Linux to the iPod. [09/25/2003]

Inside ScummVM: Classic Adventure Engine Overhaul
by Howard Wen
The short list of quintessential adventure games includes several picks from LucasArts' stable. While the genre might be fading, the ScummVM project is reviving classic games such as the Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island series. Howard Wen interviews the developers behind the ScummVM project. [08/21/2003]

Slash'EM Interview
by Howard Wen
Any worthwhile Nethack variant eventually finds a home in Slash'EM. Tracking those variants and the main Nethack sources is quite a job though. Howard Wen discusses the project with Warren Cheung and J. Ali Harlowe. [07/10/2003]

Exult Developer Interview: Reinventing a Classic
by Howard Wen
Howard Wen recently introduced the Exult project that's making Ultima 7 accessible on a new generation of platforms. This week, he talks to developers Jeff Freedman and Ryan Nunn about code reuse across projects, reverse engineering, and other proposed and actual gaming ideas. [05/08/2003]

Egoboo Developer Interview
by Howard Wen
Having explored the world of Egoboo in Egoboo: The Cute Way to Dungeon Role Play, Howard Wen talks with Ben and Aaron Bishop, its lead developers, on portability and the hard lessons of game programming. [03/27/2003]

Christoph Reichenbach and Lars Skovlund on FreeSCI
by Howard Wen
The FreeSCI project seeks to bring life back to Sierra On-Line's adventure games. What kind of pitfalls have the developers faced in reverse engineering the engine? Howard Wen interviews Christoph Reichenbach and Lars Skovlund. [02/20/2003]

Jaakko Peltonen on Falcon's Eye
by Howard Wen
Falcon's Eye, an impressive graphical front-end to the venerable text-only Nethack is a milestone in open source gaming. In this interview, Howard Wen talks with Jaakko Peltonen, creator of Falcon's Eye, about the technical and social issues the project has faced. [01/16/2003]

An Interview with Joshua Drake: Coauthor of Practical PostgreSQL
by Jonathan Gennick
Joshua Drake, coauthor of Practical PostgreSQL, talks about a Mac OS X distribution of PostgreSQL, XML support, LXP, and much more in this in-depth interview with O'Reilly editor, Jonathan Gennick. [07/25/2002]

Lisa Nyman Discusses Open Source in Government
by Sam Williams
Lisa Nyman is co-creator of QuickFacts, a service that lets visitors track down city, county, state, and national census data using only a single pulldown menu. QuickFacts uses Perl scripts, Apache Web servers, and a MySQL database to deliver increased interactivity at minimal cost. Sam Williams interviews Ms. Nyman about QuickFacts and open source in government. [07/15/2002]

Is Indrema Just a Dream?
by David Sims
John Gildred dreamed of a way to lower the barrier for game developers to create entertainment that would run not just on PCs, but in the much wider universe of gaming consoles. The idea: build a Linux-based gaming console that open source hackers can develop for. But can a startup get a foothold on a market dominated by Nintendo, Sony, and (soon) Microsoft?  [04/06/2001]

When Will We See Linux PDAs?

Tim Wilkinson, CEO of Transvirtual Technologies, talks about PocketLinux and the future of Linux in the palmtop.With audio [09/01/2000]

The Gnome Foundation: Is 'As Good' Good Enough?

The newly formed Gnome Foundation aims to build a desktop environment for Linux that's as easy to use as Microsoft's Windows. Will that be good enough?With audio [08/18/2000]

What will be in Perl 6?

At O'Reilly's Open Source Conference in Monterey earlier this month, Perl creator Larry Wall announced the start of work on Perl 6. This week, O'Reilly Network Publisher Dale Dougherty talks with managing editor Mark-Jason Dominus and Perl Mongers director brian d foy about the announcement, its meaning, and the reaction of the Perl communityWith audio [07/28/2000]

Is Carnivore Eating You?

The FBI wants to install black boxes at ISPs to monitor email traffic of suspects. What are civil libertarians doing to try to stop it?With audio [07/18/2000]

Napster Rides Again

Is the song-swapping service a model for a new breed of Net application? A roundtable discussion with's John Borland and Steve Pizzo of Forbes ASAP.With audio [07/14/2000]

An Interview with Loki Games' Scott Draeker
by J. S. Kelly
Loki games founder Scott Draeker on porting Windows apps to Linux and the importance of giving back to the open source development community. [03/16/2000]

Interview With Matt Welsh
by Dale Dougherty
How the Linux Documentation Project evolved into a model for collaborative documentation projects.With audio [02/25/2000]

Interview: Mendel Rosenblum of VMware
by David Sims
VMWare's Chief Scientist explains the virtual machine that runs multiple operating systems on your desktop. [02/18/2000]

An Interview with Tim O'Reilly & Eric Raymond
by David Sims
O'Reilly Network talks with two open source leaders on how corporate America is embracing open source technologies and methodologies.With audio [02/18/2000]

Linux Kernel Intervew: Jon Corbet
by Stephen Figgins
Jonathan Corbet, co-author of O'Reilly and Associates' upcoming second edition of Linux Device Drivers, discusses new features in Linux kernel 2.4.With audio [01/31/2000]

Interview: LinuxPPC's Jeff Carr
by David Sims
Who Runs Linux on the Mac? With audio [01/31/2000]

Will Money Spoil Open Source?
by Dale Dougherty
A Discussion with Red Hat CTO Michael Tiemann.With audio [01/31/2000]

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