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Topic: Community

Articles about the community, quotations of community members, interviews, anything community related.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

The Universal Web Form Processor (Databases DevCenter)
Urb LeJeune embarks on a quest to create the ultimate script to process forms from web pages.

Apache and XUL at XTech (General DevCenter)
XML is a platform for all sorts of interesting development.

Behlendorf Urges XML Developers to Support Apache Tools (General DevCenter)
At XTech 2000, Apache Group co-founder Brian Behlendorf preached the message that implementation of real tools was a more important goal than more debate and reiteration of XML standards.

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Apache XML Project Launches
This Tuesday saw the launch of the Apache XML Project, an effort to provide an open source, commercial-quality platform for XML. The project has been bootstrapped by the contribution of tools from the open source community, and commercial vendors.

Apache Software Foundation FAQ
An explanation of why the Apache Software Foundation exists, and how it is organized. [Source: Apache Software Foundation]

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