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Topic: Browsers

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Get Lean with GoLive 6 (Web Development DevCenter)
Those who code by hand sometimes scoff at using tools such as Adobe GoLive because these HTML editors once added unnecessay tags and produced code that failed to validate. But times have changed, and now GoLive can actually make it easier to produce lean, mean code. Derry Thompson shows you how.

A Webmaster's Guide to Troubleshooting P3P (Web Development DevCenter)
If you're a Webmaster you know it can be a frustrating process to P3P-enable your Web sites. Lorrie Cranor, author of Web Privacy with P3P, reviews some troubleshooting strategies and lists some of the mistakes people frequently make.

Help! IE6 Is Blocking My Cookies (Web Development DevCenter)
Lorrie Cranor, author of Web Privacy with P3P offers an introduction to P3P and an overview of what you need to do to prevent IE6 from blocking your cookies.

Using the Mozilla SOAP API (Web Development DevCenter)
With the release of Mozilla 1.0, the world now has a browser that supports SOAP natively. No longer do the tasks of assembling, executing, and handling SOAP operations fall solely on the server side. This article shows you how Web applications running in Mozilla can now make SOAP calls directly from the client without requiring a browser refresh or additional calls to the server.

Cross-Browser Animation (Web Development DevCenter)
With DHTML you can animate both text and images allowing objects to move throughout the browser window instead of being anchored in one spot. Unfortunately, DHTML can be tricky because of differences between browsers. In this article you'll learn how to overcome this and animate text and images for even performance across most browsers.

Cross-Browser Style Objects (Web Development DevCenter)
Do you need magic to make all dynamic styles compatible across browsers? Bill Pena, coauthor of Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition, shows you how to extend the capabilities of older browsers by recreating crucial W3C DOM features and making them available to 4.0 browsers with proprietary DOMs.

Supporting Three Event Models at Once (Web Development DevCenter)
In this second article of his ongoing series, Danny Goodman shows us why and how to support three event models: Netscape 4, IE 4 and later for Macintosh and Windows (IE4+), and the W3C DOM, as implemented in Netscape 6.

Handling Windows and Frames Across Browsers (Web Development DevCenter)
A hands-on look at using JavaScript to show the properties and methods of a window object, and how to implement applications that make use of that functionality.

Cross-Browser Layers: Part 2 (Web Development DevCenter)
In the second installment of this two-part series, we continue looking at how to write cross-browser layers, including how the <div> tag still plays an important role in the layering technology.

Cross-Browser Layers, Part One (Web Development DevCenter)
Layers are possible thanks to the Dynamic HTML specifications in version 4 of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. In this two-part series, you'll learn the characteristics of layers and how to use them in your web pages.

JavaScript: Why You Don't Know More About It (Web Development DevCenter)
Many JavaScript soldiers didn't survive the browser wars, but those who did are seeing the once maligned scripting language flourish.

JavaScript and Mac OS (Web Development DevCenter)
AppleScript is a famous member of the Apple Mac OS Open Scripting Architecture (OSA). But JavaScript is also an OSA language, and you can apply its strengths to many of your Mac scripting projects.

Creating Themes with CSS and JavaScript (Web Development DevCenter)
With a dash of JavaScript and a sprinkle of CSS, you can let site visitors choose various "themes" to customize the appearance of your site.

Roll Over, Rollovers -- CSS Style (Web Development DevCenter)
Rollovers are no longer the sole domain of JavaScript, according to Eric Meyer, who has devised some nifty ways of achieving the same effects with pure CSS.

Why We Need to Improve the Style Attribute (Web Development DevCenter)
What if you wanted to apply an external style sheet to just a portion of your document? Sounds reasonable, right? But this function depends on the style attribute, which is falling from grace in some XHTML circles.

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