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Topic: Database

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Switching Back to Desktop Linux (Linux DevCenter)
Almost everyone at O'Reilly owns an iBook or PowerBook and almost everyone runs Mac OS X. It's not everyone's ideal operating system, however. Recently, free software editor chromatic explained to Mac editor Derrick Story why he switched back to desktop Linux. Here's what he wants in a usable Unix desktop.

Tales of Optimization and Troubleshooting (Linux DevCenter)
Sometimes your software just isn't fast enough. Before reaching for your checkbook for the latest and greatest hardware, think for a minute. Can throwing brains, not money, at the problem really work? Howard Feldman demonstrates real optimization techniques from the bioinformatics world.

Installing Oracle 9iR2 on Red Hat 9 (Databases DevCenter)
While Oracle's understandably proud of their Linux support, Oracle 9i is unsupported on the latest and greatest Red Hat. That doesn't mean it doesn't work, just that you'll have to do a little tinkering. Roko Roic demonstrates how to install Oracle 91R2 on Red Hat 9.

Simson Garfinkel on "Protecting Privacy with Translucent Databases" (Linux DevCenter)
Online version of the Linux Newsletter for August 5, 2002.

An Introduction to PEAR (PHP DevCenter)
Find yourself wishing PHP had an easy way to manage additional modules? Joao Prado Maia explains PEAR and shows how it fills this role.

Aggregate Functions (Databases DevCenter)
John Paul Ashenfelter looks at a specific class of SQL functions that operate on entire columns of data instead of discrete values -- the aggregate functions.

How PostgreSQL Rose to Fame (Databases DevCenter)
The remarkable story of how PostgreSQL began as "Ingres" in 1977 at UC Berkeley and evolved to its status as the premier open source database of today.

YourSQL Database Might Just Be MySQL (General DevCenter)
Your users have browsers. You have the web server and application software. Need a powerful, affordable database?

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MySQL Licensing and Support
Describes MySQL licensing and support arrangements. [Source:]

GadflyB5: SQL Relational Database in Python
Documentation for Gadfly, an SQL database for Python.

MySQL Reference Manual
A thorough guide for developers using the MySQL database, written by the development team. [Source:]

"The DBI is a database interface module for Perl. It defines a set of methods, variables and conventions that provide a consistent database interface independent of the actual database being used."

MySQL-related Tutorials
A collection of MySQL-related tutorials. [Source:]

MyODBC Reference Manual for version 3.51.xx
Complete reference manual for MyODBC, version 3.51.xx [Source:]

Developer Shed MySQL Tutorials
Many tutorials on various aspects of MySQL; for both beginners and advanced users. [Source: Developer Shed]

MySQL Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
A comprehensive list of MySQL-related mailing lists, mailing list archives, and newsgroups. [Source:]

Win32 MySQL Installation Tutorial
A comprehensive tutorial on installing MySQL on a Window machine. [Source:]

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