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Topic: Game Development

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Devil Whiskey: From Fan-Made to Self-Made (Linux DevCenter)
The golden age of computer RPGs saw classic 2D, party-based dungeon crawls in series such as Wizardry, Might and Magic, and The Bard's Tale. The recent open-source-friendly Devil Whiskey tries to pay homage to those days and find a way to compensate its developers at the same time. Howard Wen explores a modern classic in the making.

Stratagus: Open Source Strategy Games (Linux DevCenter)
When would an expression of appreciation land you in legal trouble? When you try to appreciate Blizzard software's strategy games! Fortunately, the legally threatened FreeCraft has taken on new life with a new name: Stratagus. Howard Wen explores how this customizable RTS engine may spur the development of new open source strategy games.

Keeping the Myths Alive (Linux DevCenter)
Bungie has some rabid fans. Though they've moved on from their Myth series, devoted fans lobbied the company for the right to create enhancements and bugfixes -- winning 80GB of source code. Howard Wen explores what the MythDevelopers have achieved and what they plan.

Linux on the GameCube (Linux DevCenter)
As consoles grow in power and digital convergence looms, they become ever more attractive targets for free operating systems. What better hack than to port Linux or BSD to the GameCube? Howard Wen interviews the developers behind GameCube Linux.

Linux on the PS2 (Linux DevCenter)
As consoles increase in power and alternate operating systems increase in functionality and flexibility, it's ever more attractive to port your favorite free operating system. In the case of Sony's PlayStation 2, the company even encourages it. John Littler explores Linux on the PS2, including hardware, installation, upgrades, alternatives, and game programming.

Inside Warp Pipe (Linux DevCenter)
GameCube afficionados may know of Warp Pipe, a project to allow LAN games to work over the Internet. The already-controversial project experienced another shakeup when the developers announced that all new releases would be closed source. Howard Wen recently talked to them about their experiences reverse-engineering the protocol, developing the software, and closing an open project.

Inside Scorched 3D (Linux DevCenter)
Ex-DOS gamers likely remember the classic tank game Scorched Earth, with its VGA graphics, clever weapons, and good-enough ballistics. Scorched 3D is its spiritual successor, taking the 2D, one-computer battles to the next level. Howard Wen explores the game.

Flying the Open Skies with FlightGear (Linux DevCenter)
Realms of geographic data are entering public use every day. Mappers, hikers, and navigators love it. What's in it for the rest of us? Realistic flight simulators. That's what pilots, aeronautical engineers, and enthusiasts are building with FlightGear, a GPL'd flight sim. Howard Wen talks to the creator and the maintainers.

BZFlag (Linux DevCenter)
Sometimes a demo program can spin out of control to take on a life of its own. A ten-year-old project to demonstrate 3D movement has become a simple-yet-clever online tank battle game. Howard Wen talks to the creator and maintainer of BZFlag.

GBA Programming with DevKit Advance (Linux DevCenter)
Emulation has opened up game programming to realms of hobbyists. While it's possible to build amazing games on all sorts of obsolete platforms, it's also possible to build them on modern ones, including the GameBoy Advance. Howard Wen explores DevKit Advance and interviews its lead developers.

Animation in SDL: OpenGL (Linux DevCenter)
SDL, the cross-platform multimedia toolkit, is powerful enough to have brought over 40 commercial games to Linux. While it has its own graphics primitives, it also supports the popular and powerful OpenGL API. In the third of a series of articles, Bob Pendleton introduces OpenGL and demonstrates how to use it in your SDL programs.

NeL: The Software Behind the Next Great MMORPG? (Linux DevCenter)
Several people have theorized that the best mix of open source and gaming is to release the engine's source code while keeping the art, levels, and music restricted. Nevrax is doing just that with their upcoming Ryzom game. NeL, the engine code, is an actively-developed open source project. Howard Wen examines the company and the project and talks with a founder and a lead developer.

Inside ScummVM: Classic Adventure Engine Overhaul (Linux DevCenter)
The short list of quintessential adventure games includes several picks from LucasArts' stable. While the genre might be fading, the ScummVM project is reviving classic games such as the Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island series. Howard Wen interviews the developers behind the ScummVM project.

Animation in SDL: Hardware Surfaces (Linux DevCenter)
SDL, the cross-platform multimedia toolkit, is powerful enough to have brought over 40 commercial games to Linux. It's also portable enough to run just about anywhere that has graphics and an operating system. In the second of a series of articles, Bob Pendleton demonstrates how to use hardware surfaces in your SDL programs.

Slash'EM Interview (Linux DevCenter)
Any worthwhile Nethack variant eventually finds a home in Slash'EM. Tracking those variants and the main Nethack sources is quite a job though. Howard Wen discusses the project with Warren Cheung and J. Ali Harlowe.

Slash'EM: The Sum of All NetHacks (Linux DevCenter)
Any worthwhile Nethack variant eventually finds a home in Slash'EM. It's the proving ground for all sorts of new and unique ideas. Far more than just a conglomeration of patches, Slash'EM is a fresh game in its own right. On the twilight of a new release, Howard Wen examines how a classic is kept alive and fresh.

Animation in SDL (Linux DevCenter)
SDL, the cross-platform multimedia toolkit, is powerful enough to have brought over 40 commercial games to Linux. It's also portable enough to run just about anywhere that has graphics and an operating system. In the first of a series of articles, Bob Pendleton demonstrates how to use SDL for animation and video in your programs.

Exult Developer Interview: Reinventing a Classic (Linux DevCenter)
Howard Wen recently introduced the Exult project that's making Ultima 7 accessible on a new generation of platforms. This week, he talks to developers Jeff Freedman and Ryan Nunn about code reuse across projects, reverse engineering, and other proposed and actual gaming ideas.

Exult: The Open Age of Ultima (Linux DevCenter)
Ultima 7 is universally recognized as one of the most impressive computer RPGs of all time. Unfortunately, getting it to run under DOS was--and is--an exercise in frustration. As Howard Wen reports, the Exult project is reimplementing and enhancing the U7 virtual machine. If you still have a CD lying around, you can enjoy this classic on your Linux box.

Egoboo Developer Interview (Linux DevCenter)
Having explored the world of Egoboo in Egoboo: The Cute Way to Dungeon Role Play, Howard Wen talks with Ben and Aaron Bishop, its lead developers, on portability and the hard lessons of game programming.

Free Frags with Cube: The Linux First-Person Shooter (Linux DevCenter)
Will the availability of attractive and feature-packed game engines attract mod communities to Linux? Howard Wen thinks so. This article introduces Cube 3-D, a simple, elegant, and free first-person shooter engine.

Opening Up the PlayStation 2 with Linux (Linux DevCenter)
Howard Wen takes a look at Sony's upcoming Linux distribution kit for the PlayStation 2.

WorldForge: In Pursuit of Open Source, Massive, Online Games (Linux DevCenter)
An online community works to build games that would rival Ultima Online. How are they learning the tricks of the trade?

Building Freeciv: An Open Source Strategy Game (Linux DevCenter)
Since it was introduced in 1995, hundreds of developers have contributed to Freeciv, an open source strategy game similar to Civilization. The project continues, and is looking for more contributors, expecially artists and those familiar with AI code.

SDL: The DirectX Alternative (Linux DevCenter)
SDL has become known as an essential toolkit for Linux game development. It's similar to MS's DirectX API -- the big difference is that it's open source and supports multiple operating systems.

Is Indrema Just a Dream? (Linux DevCenter)
John Gildred dreamed of a way to lower the barrier for game developers to create entertainment that would run not just on PCs, but in the much wider universe of gaming consoles. The idea: build a Linux-based gaming console that open source hackers can develop for. But can a startup get a foothold on a market dominated by Nintendo, Sony, and (soon) Microsoft?

OpenAL Explained (Linux DevCenter)
OpenAL, the Open Audio Library, is a parallel effort to OpenGL, the Open Graphics Library. It is cross-platform, open source solution for programming 2D and 3D audio. Creative Labs and Loki Games are spearheading the effort. Dave Phillips, who maintains the Linux Music & Sound Applications Web site gives us an overview of the program.

What Is This 3D Audio Business? (Linux DevCenter)
OpenAL supports developing 3D audio, sometimes called quadraphonic or surround-sound. The technology can make games or other immersive environments feel more real, by allowing sound to come from all directions. Dave Phillips explains 3D sound and how it is supported in OpenAL.

OpenAL Applications: The User's View (Linux DevCenter)
Dave Phillips cites several games that use OpenAL as the audio programming interface, including the Linux versions of Heavy Gear II and Soldier Of Fortune.

OpenAL Development: The Programmer's View (Linux DevCenter)
Dave Phillips walks us through a demo using OpenAL: Coding an object for movement and sound.

Building a Black Hole With OpenGL (Linux DevCenter)
Our latest OpenGL tutorial shows you how to build mesmerizing black holes as stand alone entertainment or to incorporate into sophisticated games.

Linux Gaming Resources (Linux DevCenter)
All work and no play makes for dull penguins. Liven up your Linux box with these invigorating game resources.

Preparing to Build an OpenGL Application (General DevCenter)
Now that you understand a little about OpenGL, roll up your sleeves and build an application. Chris Halsall shows you how.

Creating Real Time 3D Graphics With OpenGL (General DevCenter)
OpenGL is the API of choice for many big time game developers. Here's an in-depth introduction to this sophisticated, 3D, hardware accelerated environment.

OpenGL Rendering and Drawing (General DevCenter)
In this companion piece to "Preparing to Build an OpenGL Application," Chris Halsall shows you the ins and outs of OpenGL rendering and drawing.

Crystal Space: 3D for Free (Linux DevCenter)
How is this Open Source 3D Graphics Engine challenging Quake's?

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